Rental prices have skyrocketed, emergency housing is full to the brim and homelessness rates are climbing by the day.

Logan’s housing crisis, say those on the frontline, is getting way out of hand.

YFS CEO Cath Bartolo said last month, they “received more than 30 calls relating to housing and homelessness.”

“More than 60% were from people who were already homeless, the rest were at imminent risk of homelessness. Many are families with young children,” she said.

“We have seen significant increases in the number of people contacting us because they are simply unable to secure a rental property despite applying for many.

“This is compounded by the dramatic reduction in housing affordability. Rents have increased but incomes haven’t.”

Ms Bartolo said YFS are looking after many families who are struggling to find accommodation, including a single father with three teenage boys.

The father, who works full-time, has been unable to secure a private rental, so they’ve have had to sleep on a family members’ lounge room floor for six months.

“YFS manages 14 crisis accommodation properties which are meant to be very short-term while people experiencing homelessness get support to find a long-term property,” Ms Bartolo said.

“Many of these tenants have been unable to leave the crisis accommodation, which means there are no options for the homeless people contacting us every day.

“Even temporary accommodation like motels, boarding houses, caravan parks and hostels are often full and more expensive than ever before.”

Single mum Kassey Booth is feeling the pinch. She has been looking for rental property for a few months now after a relationship breakdown.

“I have applied for a few rental properties, but when I ring the real estates to find out about other properties they just don’t answer or call back and that’s because a lot of them are already taken,” she said.

“Being down to just my income and having a 6-year-old son with me I am concerned about prices, it’s outrageous.

“Paying $450 a week for a tiny bedroom unit is something I just can’t do and we don’t want to live in a share house with someone we don’t know.”

Ms Booth and her youngest son are currently living out of a room in her ex-partner’s home, but she said she needs to find her own space as soon as possible.

She has applied for the state government’s rental scheme, but with so many people on the wait-list she doesn’t think she will get a place soon.

“I have been accepted for it but have to wait for places to come up and that is hardly ever, unfortunately,” she said.

“My last resort is having to move back in with my family – and that means I will have to give up my job which would be too far to commute.”

If you are struggling to find accommodation YFS Connect can help point you in the right direction. Call 3826 1500.

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