The Logan Healthy Living program is taking its participants beyond the clinic walls, to help combat Type 2 Diabetes.

Led by a team of allied health professionals, the Logan Healthy Living program tackles the mental, emotional, and social challenges facing clients living with or at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Those who sign up for the eight-week program are connected with mentors and resources – from yoga and salsa dancing to cooking classes and support groups.

Logan Healthy Living participant, Judie Thompson was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 12 years ago.

“I have a strong family history with my grandmother dying of diabetic coma, as well as uncles, aunties and cousins on both parents’ sides who have either passed away due to diabetic related illnesses or have had amputation of limbs,” she said.

“It was hard to accept that I have type 2 diabetes and that it’s not only related to being older and heavier, but your family genetics also have a very loud say in this disease.”

Ms Thompson said the program became a safe place for her to go.

“I feel like I never felt at ease with this disease, I always had to hide away when injecting and I was embarrassed if I had a hypo (Hypoglycaemia). It’s so important we do not feel like freaks or be looked at like people who do not care about their weight or health,” she said.

“The people leading this program quickly helped me to feel accepted and most importantly no different to anyone else. Eventually the centre became a safe place to go and a place where I could fully be me.”

Logan Healthy Living Clinic Manager, Harmonee Dove said the service sets clients up for success through building support networks and connecting them to resources in their community, including healthy lifestyle programs supported by Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

“We focus on tackling the physical, mental, emotional, and situational challenges that can hold participants back and support each client with a team committed to their success,” Ms Dove said.

“By combining exercise physiology, physiotherapy, dietetics, diabetes education, psychology and social work perspectives in a true client-centred model of care, this program provides unprecedented, evidence-based support.”

Ms Thompson said the program has empowered her.

“This program empowered me and many other sufferers and that’s a great feeling,” she said.

“For newly diagnosed diabetics, take some time to just let it sit and find your way of dealing with it first, but never be afraid to speak up for yourself and remember no one knows your body better than you. We know our bodies and should be allowed to tell health providers our side of this illness.”

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