There are numerous places in Logan where you can pick up a great feed, or sit down to a great meal, cooked with authentic recipes, brought with love from multiple homelands.

It’s one of the wonderful advantages of living in a multicultural community such as ours.

There is however, a difference between grabbing a great feed, and getting a full dining experience.

Sometimes, the differences are subtle. It might be getting shown to your seat, having the menu explained to you upon arrival, or in some cases, not having to go searching for a menu behind the counter.

Limon is an old-school restaurant, a family-owned operation with friendly staff who’ll find you a nice table, allow you to relax with a drink, and ease into your meal.

Turkish music in the background is easy on the ear, and it’s nice to see groups of people going out for dinner rather than merely fulfilling the needs of a hungry stomach.

It’s also healthy to know that, while baklava, kebabs and babaghanoush are a delicious representation of Turkish and Mediterranean food, the limited selection is not the end of the road.

Consider for example, a fish tagine cooked slowly in a clay pot with Moroccan spices and creamy sauce. It pairs beautifully with saffron rice.

No Mediterranean meal would be complete without something with harissa sauce, and a great way to get into the groove is with a starter of cheese and garlic bread with a drizzle of the hot stuff.

It’s done the traditional Turkish way, crispy and straight from the roaster.

The dips and antipasto is also worth a go as a starter, each of them with a Mediterranean flavour. Babaghanoush and hummus are best known to the western palate, but cacik with its cucumber, dill and garlic in yoghurt is perfect to offset the heat of any of the hotter dishes, such as a spicy kofte.

If you’ve gone for a milder dish, such as the Islim kebab, you might like a touch of cemen, a slightly spicy dip with capsicum base, in order to add another dimension to the natural flavours.

For those looking for something grassroots authentic, look no further than the vine leaves filled with rice, pine nuts and blackcurrent.

Limon, on Kingston Road, has all the grills associated with Turkish food, but they’ve thrown in some regional delicacies such as moussaka from Greece and some Italian offerings.

In this atmosphere, I’m preferring the grilled chicken with creamy sultana and almond sauce.

Whatever your choice, the general price range here is $25-$30, which is in the mid-range and well-priced for the experience.

Another pleasant surprise is the selection of vegetarian dishes, including vegetarian patties and mezzes.

With such a large Asian influence in the area, it’s not often I’d recommend leaving room for dessert, but even if baklava is a little too sweet for you, there’s a nice selection on offer here.

Asalamu alaykum, it’s a pleasant night out.


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