The Queensland government is investing $200 million over the next two years in an effort to reduce the number of long-stay patients in public hospitals.

The funding will aim to increase the number of beds available for other patients requiring care, with the latest data showing the number of long-stay patients in hospitals has risen to 877.

This is an increase of 247 patients since August last year.

“After almost a decade of the former federal government underfunding aged care, the number of long-stay patients is continuing to increase,” local member and health minister Shannon Fentiman said.

“No one wants to be in hospital longer than they need to. If we can help them into more appropriate accommodation, with the right supports, then both the patients and the hospitals will benefit.

“The cost of long-stay patients to the public health system is around $1.7 million a day and the impact on a hospital’s capacity to manage patient flow and deliver acute care is significant.”

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