IF it’s true that you eat with your eyes, Windaroo Lakes Golf Club offers up a feast in every meal.

Not in a way you might expect from a five-star dining experience in the city, with smoke rising from the corner of an unidentifiable dish.

Here, it’s more in a “I’m really going to be full after I eat this” way.

The kitchen has taken the staples of a club menu and added some bells and whistles to make the meals look rather attractive, all in a modern setting which of an early evening offers up a nice view of the golf course from the deck.

Crispy skin salmon with basmati rice, crisp greens and a house made Asian broth is something a little different.

From there, the menu gets heavy.

Most people order the well-presented garlic cob loaf as a starter, followed by either a steak, full rack of hickory barbecue pork ribs, a very well-priced burger with an overflow of shoestring fries, or a pizza.

The pizzas is where things get interesting.

A “wild fun guy” is a mixture of mushrooms served on a thin and perhaps slightly over-done base.

Moroccan lamb with feta cheese, toasted pine nuts, Moroccan spice and vegetables is enticing. Pumpkin and feta is slightly lighter.

And at the other end of the scale, the meat deluxe offers something a little different. Spanish chorizo is a nice addition, but sliced rib fillet proves it’s a genuine offering. If this is your choice though, make sure you’re really hungry as the chipotle aioli is a rich finish.

Be sure to book, and don’t be late. Dinner here starts at 5.30pm and by 8pm it’s pretty much all over. Lights are out on the deck by about 8.30pm.

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