The state government has responded to a June report into the activities of the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission.

While the government accepted most of the committee’s recommendations, it was made clear that this was not in relation to the latest report which was specifically about the CCC’s investigation into Logan City Council.

The June report suggested a review of the structure and oversight of the CCC, and spoke about the performance of its functions and exercise of its powers.

“Our response supports in full or in-principle 20 of the 22 recommendations which are addressed to government,” Waterford MP Shannon Fentiman said in her capacity as attorney general.

“It also includes our commitment to considering recommendations made by the PCCC in its recent report on the inquiry into the CCC’s investigation of former councillors of Logan City Council.

“The eight remaining recommendations which are addressed to either the PCCC or the CCC are also noted.”

Ms Fentiman said the report was part of PCCC’s statutory duty to monitor the performance of the CCC, with a report reviewing the CCC’s activities tabled in parliament every five years.

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