The story on today’s front page about Shailer Park woman Jamie Green, and other locals who have been diagnosed with Lipoedema, is a sad story of misfortune.

These women been dealt a rough hand when it comes to their physical health. Throw in the complications which have come with years of misdiagnosis and the tragedy deepens.

Then, to make things even worse, it just so happens that their disease is visible to a judgmental public.

We often hear how cruel children can be to each other in playgrounds, speaking to others without an empathetic filter.

When Ms Green talks about the way she’s treated in an unforgiving public realm, it’s obvious that many adults just don’t grow up.

Neither do they think before hurling abuse at those less fortunate than themselves.

Ms Green says her friends often don’t invite her out any more because they assume she is unable to join them. She tells how sad things have become.

Yet, as she tells her story, she sees a bright side and is grateful that she is able to help others. If only we all had the same love for humanity.


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