Being better prepared for extreme weather events is a no-brainer that could save you or the life of a loved one.

Recent heavy rain reminds us to be vigilant and to do a few simple things that can help to keep our families safe in the event of flooding, bushfire or other extreme weather events.

Council’s Logan Early Warning app provides residents with free warning alerts for potentially severe weather, bushfires and flood notifications for a number of locations across the city.

The free service allows you to plan, prepare for and respond to weather events before they happen.

It helps you to become familiar with potential hazards and risks that may affect your suburb. It also encourages you to take early action to reduce any potential damage that may occur during severe weather.

By actively preparing for disasters, you can help to minimise the potential impacts on your family, pets and home:

• Prepare and update an Emergency Plan for your household and include your animals in the plan

• Have emergency contact numbers and other important phone numbers handy

• Store copies of important documents in a portable, waterproof container

• Keep a well-stocked Emergency Kit that is stored in a safe and easily accessible place.

Council also has a Disaster Dashboard which provides a wide range of information, including weather warnings, local road hazards, fire incidents, power outages, and more to keep the community informed and up-to-date in an emergency situation.

Flood watch cameras shows creek levels at a few key locations across the city and allows the community to better prepare and plan their response to flooding.

This includes identifying the need to plan alternative routes to stay safe where there are road closures.

There are four different types of flood warnings:

  • minor flood warning
  • moderate flood warning
  • major flood warning
  • river/creek falling.

With better planning and preparation you can be a step ahead of the weather.

Don’t rely solely on one source of information, but rather have a few different platforms, for eg Bureau of Meterology and Emergency Services.

For more info, check out Council’s website where you can also use our preparedness information and tools to better understand your risk of flooding and isolation.

Stay safe and be vigilant.

You can download the Logan Early Warning app at

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