It’s an old saying made popular by food cooking shows that you eat as much with your eyes as you do with your taste buds.

Truth of the matter is that all senses can spring into action when tackling a meal.

That’s definitely the case at Green Frog Hollow Cafe at Logan Village.

The venue was once a plant nursery with a cafe, but the plant sales have taken a back seat during Covid.

That said, the beautiful garden is still there and still well maintained, so depending on what time of day you’re there, there are some decisions to be made.

First one is where to sit. There are multiple nooks, particularly during the day when the sun sneaks its way through the trees.

On a cool evening, there are two fireplaces – one inside the main area of the cafe, and another in an outdoor seating area which resembles a beer garden.

The next decision is what to eat. The regular menu has some tried and tested favourites including beer battered fish and chips, pizzas, rissoles, bangers and mash, and would you believe, lambs fry and bacon.

Pop that alongside schnitzels and you’ve got yourself a menu straight out of the 1970s and 80s. Don’t take this as a criticism, because it’s quite the opposite.

It’s great to see some old dishes finding their way back onto the menu. And that’s really what this cafe prides itself on – good hearty cooking delivered from the kitchen to the table with passion.

While something on the regular menu may have caught your eye, the trick here is to make sure you’ve scanned the blackboard menu – it’s on the front of the main bar counter and has some real winter warmers such as ribs, lamb shanks and other daily specials.

There are a few specials printed on sheets above the counter too, so it’s worth a good look around.

Ribs melted off the bone, and pizzas here for $15-$19 are great value.

Orders are at the main counter, and from then on it’s table service with a smile from the chef and floor staff.

This cafe was set up for breakfast and lunch, but has turned to evening meals on Friday and Saturday night. There’s karaoke on Saturday nights if anybody is up for that.

Sundays are popular for the transient Brisbane crowd checking out of hotels at Mt Tamborine and looking for somewhere to stop for lunch on the way home.

Because of the cafe set up, it’s built for guilty pleasures such as one of the many cakes and slices in the main cabinet, or a homemade scone with jam and cream. They’ve also got milkshakes, iced coffee and iced chocolate. Or for when it warms up, a thickshake blended onsite.

The bar is licensed from 10am.

It’s worth a visit and be sure to give the menu a thorough look over because there are some childhood favourites among the options.

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